We had put out the topic of Neuro-Semantic Programming, NSP, a.k.a. Epiepistemology, in our two books, Don’t Ask WHY?! 1991 and POWER AND ELEGANCE IN COMMUNICATION in 1993. When in 1997 we were to write it, we bowed to the hope that someone far better and vastly more eminent than us would write it.

In 2014, we realized that NO ONE was ever going to do it. Now it is done:

As for its credits, we are utterly stunned by what the reviewers have had to say about it:

This work is staggering in its scope and import.
Gary Phillips, MA, CRSP, CHRP
NLP Trainer

After I finished reading this book, I felt centered and I realized that there is more here than we know and see. There is more here that the world needs to know about.
Steve Corbeil
President, Prime Marine Canada

This work advances the understanding of the human condition and offers the reader a new approach, a Non-Aristotelian approach in being and relating. What is so eloquently put forth is and alternative to the current mainstream thinking and excellence in communication. The Chong’s however, go beyond the excellence in communication, introducing a new philosophy and a new manner in relating and understanding each other by communicating clearly with respect and honesty.
Bryan Walsh, MA

A wise book, enlightening and powerful.
Margaret Marsan

The authors embrace so much information from wide corners of studies and situations. This book brings forth the human aspects which encompass the knowledge necessary for readers to appreciate where we are (and can be, if pursued further). Difficult as the subject is, the book gets to the bottom and sides of humanity and thus bring value to all.
This is a specific treatment for our not-so-perfect understanding of what seems to be churning in the world.

Dato' Syed Ahmad Idid
Former Judge of the High Courts of Malaysia

It provided me (a seasoned clinician) with valuable insights and new perspectives on the following:
Thinking and language and their importance in communication patterns between human beings
The structural models of thinking and thoughts in the mind
The relevance of insights derived from Quantum Physics and their application in mental functioning
A good critique of the Aristotelian system of Cause and Effect
A correct highlight of the Non-Aristotelian Principles of Relativity and Relatedness, emphasizing the importance of the Non-Aristotelian Frame and its utility in Psychotherapy.

Karl O’Sullivan, MD, DPM, FRCP(I), FRCP(C),

This book enfolds several critical-scientific approaches to understand the mind-body environment nexus that characterizes the human condition. With great eloquence and based on extensive research and knowledge of various disciplines, it presents us with a philosophy and investigative tool at once: Neuro-Semantic Programming, NSP. It breaks radically from the Aristotelian hierarchical view of the human mind, bringing out its associative and connective structure. Unlike its counterpart, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP, it offers a truly humanistic and humane approach to understanding everything from language to pain. This book is a "must read" by anyone interested in who we are.
Marcel Danesi, PhD, FRS(C)
Professor of Anthropology, University of Toronto

With all respect, this tome is a very valuable contribution to the current literature in this area. It clearly illustrates the path of thinking and research that the two authors have so brilliantly carried out to publish this work. I find their area of expertise fascinating, thought provoking and very original. They have laid the paths for other workers to carry on to develop this field even more for the benefit of mankind; and their painstaking effort should be congratulated and applaude.
Saroja Krishnaswamy, MB, BS, FRANZCP, FRCPsych(UK)
Professor of Psychiatry, University of Western Sydney, Australia

You can buy this book from Amazon.com. It is $16.99.

When you have read it, may we respectfully ask you to give your feedback to Amazon because the more feedback Amazon gets about it, it helps to the spread a truly worthwhile body of new information, new knowledge and new perspective of ourselves, the other and our world


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