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Over the years from 1979 to 1983, there were a series of accidents that together formed a set of fortuitous insights for the Chongs. These insights linked the interrogative ‘WHY?’ to human blaming and eventually to the work of Alfred Korzybski’s, Science and Sanity and to Aristotelian system of Cause and Effect, A.

Korzybski had discovered that Cause and Effect has a unique language system to it; and oddly, even today, few professors of philosophy know this. Korzybski then found that the language system of A is unsane. In time, Richard Bandler and John Grinder corroborated Korzybski’s finding in their work, Structure of Magic. They described thinking by Cause and Effect as semantically ill-formed.

When he realized that A was unsane, it was the genius of Korzybski to propose the existence of its natural contrapunctum. He called it the Non-Aristotelian system, Ã. In his work Science and Sanity he searched for its language system, Ã. In this he failed and in Science and Sanity he writes his hopes that one day a student of his would do so.

The Chongs approached the search for the language system à by first searching for the language structures A. It took them from 1979 to 1983 to do so; and in many respects, those years were to be some of the most exciting times of research work that they ever had. Once they found the language system of A their task to find the language system of à became a simpler matter. It was to find the linguistic inversions of A. It was to take them for from 1983 to 1985 to so; and those latter years were indeed even more thrilling and exciting times that they ever had in research.

From the foundations of what they found, the Chongs then unraveled the analogical consequences out of A. To their utter shock they found that all human emotions of Dark Side of the Force come from A!

"This book changed my whole way of thinking" -

Marty Stacy
Omaha, Nebraska

"I used to have the bible by my bedside table.Now I also have Don't Ask WHY?! but it is on top of the Bible." -

Patient of Dr. Chong
Oakville, Ontario

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Together with Don't Ask WHY?!, this book is the co-foundational text for the new field of study known as Neuro-Semantic Programming, NSP.

The first ever metalanguage known as the Meta Model, 2M was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder and published in1975 in their work, Structure of Magic. To demonstrate the power of 2M as a gathering information tool, they cite the transcripts of two cases in Chapter 5 Structure of Magic. It is entitled, Into the Vortex, pages 111 – 154.

Power and Elegance was published in 1992. This work carries the critical augmentations and expansions to 2M. It carried critically fine and excellent improvements and crucial significant amplifications and extensions to 2M. For all these changes, the Chongs had little choice but to rename it Of course, it was always in their power to give it an entirely new and different name. However, out of respect to Bandler and Grinder they elected to call it the Modified Meta Model, 3M.

Then, Power and Elegance also demonstrates the power of 3M as a gathering information tool. In Chapter 10, entitled, Deeper into the Vortex they cite the transcripts of 9 cases. They chose 9 out of their respect to George A. Miller of Princeton University the Principle for his discovery 7 ± 2. From page 301 – 358, these transcripts and their adjunct commentaries show how the nature and hence the process diagnosis, pδ, pf these cases were unraveled.
Deeper into the Vortex shows its effectiveness because it unravels the cases between the limits of just asking one question to an upper limit of 13 questions. This speaks to its celerity, efficacy and efficiency. It fulfils the axiom of Elegance, the ability to get something done in the minimum number of steps, with minimum expenditure of energy and cost and minimum risk to self or the other.

Power and Elegance goes to show how one may deal with the semantic ill-formedness of Cause and Effect, A. This is invaluable information because it is a matter of human experience that all who are about to be blamed lapse into abject paralysis and helplessness.

Power and Elegance also indexes the alternative reality that is possible out of a life living by Ã. Its language structures are completely in accord with what we know of reality. Amongst other things it recognizes that life is improbable and uncertain by all top-down considerations and all across all life's possible lateralizations. There is therefore no place for 'SHOULD this or SHOULD' and no 'SHOULD NOT this or SHOULD NOT that'.

Indeed there is much more in Power and Elegance; but unfortunately we cannot go into all of them here. The interesting thing is that when the Chongs first started with their No-Y-ian Tutorials, ~YTs, they began with Korzybski's Science and Sanity. After what seemed like an eternity, this tutorial class began the study of Power and Elegance. Then suddenly and spontaneously, the entire class acclaimed their wish that they had spent their time and energy in the study of Power and Elegance as everything in Science and Sanity was in and it was so much easier to grasp the material.

The Chongs have always bowed to the truth that we are privileged to learn from our students. The above was indeed a telling lesson. All subsequent ~Yt Classes now study Power and Elegance. The Chongs however continue to urge them to do private study with Science and Sanity.

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The Chongs wanted to know if there was a formal model to do Hypnosis for surgery that could be formulated and taught to students. If such a model could be found it would mean that any student would be able to guide a patient through any surgery by Hypnosis and the patient would be comfortable and pain free throughout the operation.

In the course of their research the Chongs had the good fortune to test out their unfolding model on various cases of different types of surgeries. In the end they estimated that it came to some 19 differently kinds of surgeries. These cases were all consecutive and each was successful. The first case was for the gynaecological operation known as a D&C.

When the final case came to them, they were able to video tape it. With this incontestable evidence, the Chongs then finally decided to out to write out their model. Therefore, there is a video/DVD that is a companion of this work and if you order this work, you may ask for it.

This work enjoys the endorsement and sanctions of four different parties, each an esteemed and recognized authority in the field of Hypnosis:
Daniel Araoz and Robert Beuka
Norma and Philip Barretta
Edgar Barnett
David Gordon.

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We live in a reality that Joseph Campbell described as the reality of opposites. For this there is good vs evil, love vs hate, happiness vs suffering, joy vs pain, peace vs war, calm vs turbulence and so forth.
We all know that each of us is ever changing by the countless roles of our lives that we play to get our desires, wants and needs and the cover for our anxieties and fears. We are always putting on our outer personalities for our own personal benefits or those of the other. In other words we are presenting to the world a self that is ever changing. If there is a self that is ever changing, then, in the reality of opposites, it can only be so, if there is a SELF that is changeless.

If there is a SELF that changeless, then this SELF is the ETERNAL that is in you.

Do you know what is the eternal in you?
This work sets out to explore and find the answer.


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From glimpse at forever, is the argument that the eternal is in us. If this is true then what the purpose of the eternal in us? What is its relationship with all these ever changing roles and personalities?
What the Chongs discovered is that it is linked to a possible life by Well-being, Health and Happiness.

This book shows that if certain conditions are not fulfilled then the price one will pay in the end will be a life in which you will wake up without that robust feeling with which you just know that, with it, you can take on the world; and you can do so whatever may be to the slings and arrows of your life. Your health, in spite of all the repeated blood tests returning as normal, will never be at the bar that you would like to sense it to be. Whilst you can crack up laughing at a good joke, happiness is something that always to seems to escape you.

This book offers to you the answer to such life predicament, if you suffer it.

This book changed my life!
Mark Howie

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This is a very interesting book. Zali Segal brought together a set of co-contributors authors for this work. Each of his co-contributing authors is a person who is esteemed and known in the field of Hypnosis.

The Chongs were delighted to be asked by him to do a share to this book; and they offered to this work their contribution.

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