What is Neuro-Semantic Programming, NSP


It is the study of how a person can:

know-how-another-knows-to-know-to-be a nail biter, hair puller, smoker, boozer gambler etc.

At a formal level, it is to know the epistemological equation, EqEqN, that produces a person’s human nature-to-context.

It is sometimes also known as one’s ontological equation, OnTEqN, of a person’s being.

Put simply, it is how you can know how the other knows to be the way he is.

There is no one in any work or professional field who will be confronted with human relational problems. These human relational problems are very difficult to resolve. The current way to deal with them in business is to create a department known as Human Resources, HR, and sequester such problems into the knowledgeable hands of personnel in HR.

If a CEO, COO, Archbishop, High School Principal, Mother, Father, Judge, Chief of Police, LLB/JD had the NSP knowledge, he would know how to solve the human problem that is brought before him. He would be spared the trace of the pheromones of defeat by pack the problem off to HR when by all metrics of logic and common sense, he/she is the person-in-AUTHORITY who is to solve the problem.

Post printing then it will be about its publishing, promotion and offering to the world.

After the publication of Theory of Ontology, the next book to follow will be


How can NSP help me?

The scope of our practice is actually very vast.

The following are some of the more common problems we solve:

Anxiety, depression, psychosomatic illnesses, chronic and acute pain conditions, insomnia, headaches, stuttering, weight problems, smoking cessation, drug and alcohol addictions, cancer, marital and family dysfunction, and work-related issues - to name a few

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In 1979 Dennis and Jennifer started their conjointed practice in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. They have been in practice together for 33 years.

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